Thursday, July 19, 2012

Captain's Log, Day 89: Setbacks and Potential Changes

          I keep running into setbacks.
          It shouldn't be surprising at this point, I suppose; but, has anyone ever noticed that, no matter how much we prepare for it, it's still surprising?
          Take, for instance, the cannon I built back when I was 12. I knew I would get busted by my parents at some point, but I was hoping it would be after I cleared the pond with the Play-Dough tube I was attempting to shoot. Unfortunately, my brother Nemesis decided to get Mom to watch the first shot, and she quickly arrested the experiment. (At least I got off several shots with the air cannon I had built...too bad the compressor was noisier than anticipated.)
          What with everything I get into that has tendencies to fail (which is almost literally everything; I create complications, for heaven's sake), one might think that after a while, I would learn my lesson, but fact, to take my mind off of the failure, I usually jump right into another project with all the zeal of someone who is absolutely convinced that this time he won't get in trouble.
          Mmhmm, right. Although the rocket launcher was spectacular.
          In this case, I am rebounding from a series of really annoying failures by redesigning my blog. For anyone who was reading this during the last hour before this gets posted, my sincerest apologies; I screwed up all the formatting as I was resetting it. I think I got it fixed though. Ahh, the joys of programming...
          Anyway, I figured I'd give everyone a chance to vote on which format they'd rather see, just so I don't mess this up. (Ah-HA! I am capable of learning!!!) Below are the two options I'm considering: Theme 1 is the outer space theme I've been working with so far, and Theme 2 is the forest one that I'm considering switching to.
          You can either vote in the comments under this post, or on my Facebook page: I'll give it a few days before counting the votes and making changes as needed. Thanks for your help, and thanks for reading!

Theme 1: Outer Space

Theme 2: Forest

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  1. Sarah SurprenantJuly 19, 2012 at 2:59 PM

    This is a hard one. I'm so used to the space one, but the forest one would be easier for me to read.