About Me

          Hi. I’m Radar.

          Okay, no, that’s not my real name, but if you think I’m giving out my real title on the Internet (of all places), you’re crazy. The nickname, however, was not one that I personally chose. One of my friends nicknamed me Radar for some reason, and it kinda stuck. Since I do have a good radar where food is concerned (my pantry is empty...sad), I decided to use it. Could be worse, I suppose. I decided (after minor internal debate) to adopt the last name of “Midway” after serious consideration of major ideals, such as (A) it is my favorite battle of World War II.

          I’m a being of eclectic tastes and hobbies...for instance, I…
          -majored in Mechanical Engineering...in two colleges at once (and graduated at age 21)
          -finished grad school with a Master's in Mechanical Engineering at age 22
          -was homeschooled (yay me!!)
          -have a second degree black belt in Taekwondo
          -am a bit of a pyromaniac
          -enjoy programming
          -love dissembling (and occasionally reassembling) random objects
          -just finished writing a novel and am working on a sequel
          -write stories about my childhood/experiences/childhood experiences just for fun
          -have tried almost every sport known to man
          -have rewritten the rules for literally every sport known to man (golf, for my and my siblings, is now a contact sport)
          -am not a bad swordsman
          -enjoy archery
          -am a huge bookworm (Sci-Fi for the win!!!)
          -am more ADHD than the squirrel who keeps distracting me
          -really love modifying Nerf and other dart guns
          -am a solid Catholic!!
          So yepp...that’s Radar in a nutshell. I have three siblings, all crazy, younger and who are mentioned frequently in my stories: my sister Quill, two years younger; my brother Nemesis, four years younger; and my sister Squirrel, six years younger. As their names suggest, Quill is a writer, Nemesis is my partner (or rival) in household mischief, and Squirrel is just flat-out goofy. You can read more about my family in Character Profiles.

          Welcome to the Midway family, and enjoy reading!
                                           —Radar Midway

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