Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Captain's Log, Day 172: Here There Be Tech Problems

          Hi, everyone!
          You may be wondering where I've been the*counts on fingers* three months. And why my site went kaput. Well, it occurred to me that I had more than enough material for a legit book up here, so I started going through, post by post, and copying everything to my computer. Apparently, Blogger didn't like that, so it promptly crashed, and I've spent the last two months (off and on) trying to fix it. 
          Fun stuff. 
          On the bright side, it appears that my book did actually get published. To Amazon. Officially. I'm rather excited. Given that this is the first thing that I've actually gotten out to a marketplace, this is a big step forward for me. It's certainly given me a new degree of motivation to start getting some of my other books published (or finished; I currently have five finished books and FORTY-SEVEN works in progress). 
          I am in the process of recovery and republishing of my short stories. If for some reason, you need them all right now...well, there's a book out for that, like I said. Other than that, I'm hoping to restore full functionality to Maximum Effect over the course of the next few weeks. This is also kind of a test post to see how my strategy will work. Bear with me.
          Say, anyone here good with names? I'm trying to come up with a slightly more "publishable"-sounding nom de plume for my legitimate novels. If you have any good ideas, drop me a line! Please. I'm TERRIBLE at coming up with new names. 
          Anyway, it's novel-writing month, and I just came up with a another new story idea, so...let's break out the whiteboard! 

          (P.S.: I've also been working on a boat. A 1960 Lone Star cabin cruiser, to be exact. I've decided to name it the Panama, for reasons that should become evident upon watching this clip. I have a weird sense of humor.)

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