Thursday, December 20, 2012

Captain's Log, Day 102: 25 Random Things About--HEY LOOK, A SQUIRREL!!!!!

          So, I was poking around in my computer archives today instead of cleaning my room (because my mom refuses to allow me to build secret compartments in my wall--such a shame!), and I stumbled across an old post I wrote entitled "25 Random Things About Me," which I never got around to posting because I have the attention span of a sparrow, and that's on the days that I am FOCUSED. I touched it up a bit and decided to post it; mostly because I think it's hilarious and also because I have no stories to write about today. However, I believe we still have some leftover fireworks in the barn, if anyone would like a story tomorrow....
          So without further ado or any more rambling (because at this rate, I'll forget to post it again), may I present 25 Random Things About Me...and since I am COMPLETELY random, this should be easy...

          1. I'm horrible with names, to the point of in, (and I've done this before) I'll have been in a lab for an entire semester with someone, filling out lab reports and blowing stuff up, and I still won't remember his name! Fortunately, another semester of lab did the trick.

          2. I am quite possibly the biggest nerd ever. I have five computers; only one of them I paid for (and boy, is it a nice machine!) Four of them are ones I fixed up after people threw them out, and I'm attempting to wire them up to my room for the prototype artificial intelligence that will one day control my house. "Lights on! NO, NOT THE BLENDER--!!!!"

          3. I'd like to buy a taser. However, I fear that I would inevitably succumb to my curiosity and preform a self-test.
          4. I once built a cannon, but my parents caught me before I could test it. I still maintain that it would have worked.

          5. Solitaire is the bane of my existence. I can lose a game without moving ANY cards.

          6. My best friend and I tried to make a movie over the course of a few years. The movie was never competed, and the bloopers were longer than the movie was.

          7. I have a lighter. I have no idea why.

          8. My siblings make snowmen...or snow-trolls. I make obelisks. Yay Egypt?

          9. My favorite tool in making snow sculptures is a hand saw.

          10. I love swimming, but it's impossible for me to float. I sink like a rock. A wildly flailing rock with water up his nose.

          11. I LOVE NINJA. It's one of the very few games I'm good at.

          12. I'm studying to be a Mechanical Engineer, I teach myself programming on the side, I'm a black belt in Taekwondo, I'm working on writing a novel, and I lead a very eclectic life. Any questions?

          13. I think I'm ADHLAS, or Attention Def--HEY LOOK, A SQUIRREL!!!

          14. My computer now talks to me. It's because I reprogrammed it to sound like JARVIS from the movie Ironman.

          15. It is impossible for me to spell antidisestablishmentarianism without using spell check. My sister can spell it off the top of her head. I'm still wondering how we can possibly be related....

          16. I was born in Illinois. Sorry guys, I'm not a true Minnesotan. Although, I have been told I have the accent...

          17. I once hit the mailbox with the car. my defense, I received faulty directions about where the box was relative to the car's mirror.

          18. It IS possible for tomato sauce to explode. I found that out the hard way.

          19. Never let me near a kitchen. Stuff happens...bad stuff. Fortunately, I can USUALLY repair the damage.

          20. My treehouse has all the switches and panels needed for it to be a submarine. Or a spacecraft. Or a time machine. Or a battleship. Or an AT-AT. Or an airplane. Or...

          21. My phone is awesome. It's an Android, and it usually knows what I'm trying to do before I realize it.

          22. I have one major goal in life...and that's to build a working Ironman suit.

          23. You can challenge me to just about anything. I'm very competitive, even though I usually lose. Hence....y'know...this BLOG....

          24. I've gotten lost on a campus with 5 buildings. Twice.

          25. I wrote this entire thing in 20 minutes.


  1. You're awesome... need I say more?

  2. I am the same way with #11, but I actually love Solitaire. I just can't spell it without spell check. And I can sign antidisestablishmentarianism. And, as you probably already know, I DO NOT like your Android. The flash is too bright. So, 4 random things about me.