Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Captain's Log, Day 120: Documenting Some Changes

          So, does anyone remember (or even notice) that I have a small tab down the side of my blog--underneath "Stories of my Childhood" and above "Comics"--that's just labeled "Stories"? And are you familiar enough with that tab to notice that I haven't updated it in two years and it just contains the short story HvZ?
         *EDIT: The tab is now at the top of my page. Changes. You get the idea.*
          Trick question. I know you don't read that.
          Well, I finally got around to updating it! I've got five new links in the "Stories" tab, and they actually contain...well...stories. Or parts of them, anyway. I have linked some short, random excerpts from my books there now, along with brief descriptions about them so you don't have to get halfway through them before realizing that I can't write. I suppose you could just read my main blog to determine that, but hey--whatever floats your boat.
          I'm also considering updating my blog look again. Given that I really like the theme I have going, the redesign will go in two directions; one, I'm going to shorten the top picture (the one of the spaceship) because it takes a while to load and I have to scroll down before I can even see anything I've written. I call that SEVERELY ANNOYING.
          Also, despite the whole "star ship captain" thing I have going on, I should probably stop using James T. Kirk as my profile picture. There's probably a copyright infringement or something going on there. Probably not a good idea. Additionally, I came up with a my own personal logo, which I think looks really cool and I need an excuse to use it.
          Anyway, these changes will take place over the next few days (although the stories are already loaded and in place). If anyone else has any suggestions, please let me know!

          In other news, this is what has been keeping me busy the last couple weeks:

And this, kids, is what it looks like when markers throw up. This is probably whiteboard abuse.

          For those who know how to do heat transfer problems, I ALREADY KNOW THIS IS WRONG. (Unit conversion issues, mainly.) I have since corrected said issues and checked with my professor, who verified my answer. I just put this picture up because MY NEW WHITEBOARD ROCKS.
          --Radar Midway, signing off to go program (which sounded way more awesome in my head, but just looks geeky in text. Oh well.)

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