Saturday, September 3, 2011

Captain's Log, Day 51: Sounds and School

          Sounds commonly heard around our dorm:
          *BZZZZZZZZ* --The shaver thingy
          *BEEP BEEP BEEP* --Microwave
          *FLUSH* --Take a guess
          *HHHHHHHHHH* --AC unit, which is currently set to -50 degrees F
          *BANG CRUNCH* "Dammit!" --Me
          "Radar, you are really clumsy!!" --My roommate Chris
          "I'm not clumsy! The floor's just uneven!" --Me
          "Of course not. Do you need to go to the hospital?" --Chris
          "Me? Never..." --Me
          It is now week two of the college experience, and I gotta say, I hit the ground running (homeworkwise, anyway). I'm getting through it pretty well, although this has been my first serious break in the last two weeks. Gotta love being a mechanical's a running joke in my engineering classes that we have no life, and it's totally true.
          I just finished up some Thermodynamics homework (yes, it's as scary as it sounds) and after a quick celebratory round of air guitar to the song "Talk Nerdy To Me," I decided to write a bit. My apologies for the delay to those of you who liked my work; to those of you who don't, you do realize you can navigate away from this page, right? I haven't embedded any viruses here or anything like that. Yet.
          Intramurals are starting up next week, which means I should have a whole ton of awesome stories to tell by then. I created a flag football team known as the NightHawks, my reason for that being I captained a Humans vs Zombies team a while back, also known as the Nighthawks without the capital H, and we kicked butt. (See HvZ under the Stories tab, or Days 24-29 in July.) Actually, I wanted to name the flag football team the 501st (for those non-geeks out there, that's the personal elite stormtrooper unit commanded by Darth Vader and later by Grand Admiral Thrawn), but when it came to a vote, the saner heads in the team prevailed. I'm not too broken up about it--the NightHawks is a cool name too.
          Well, it's been a nice break, but it's time to crack some books again. Tune in next time for some more craziness. And for the last time, Chris, I'm NOT CLUMSY!!!!!!

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