Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Captain's Log, Day 50: College of Rock

          Firstly, apologies. I have been a wee bit lax in my writing of late, but I have a good excuse--I've been moving back to college!
          Now, remember when I said I was moving back on Saturday? Well, there was a bit of a mixup with the school seems FRESHMAN were moving in Saturday. Now, socially or academically, I don't qualify. So after a day of frantic phone calls, I arranged to move down on Monday and dug through my suitcases to find some clean clothes that I hadn't packed.
          And then I got up at 4:57am on Monday morning. Just so you know, if God had MEANT for us to get up that early, he would have made the sun rise THEN.
          Anyway, I got to college around noon and moved into my apartment. I'm living with three other guys, and I get my own room. Like, my very own personal room. There's no one else living in it. For someone who's been living with his brother all summer in a room the size of a standard broom closet, this was a pretty big deal for me. Still is. Also, we have a kitchen with a pantry. I'm pretty excited.
          So, as I'm running up and down the stairs with all my crap (a LOT of crap) and trying to unpack, I suddenly realized that I was missing a basic necessity: bed sheets. You'd think I would have packed them, but nooo....oh well, I needed to go to Walmart anyway.
          That was, again, on Monday. On Tuesday, I found out that the distance class I needed to take I was, in fact, not registered for. Took me all day to clean up that mess...never assume that no email from a college is a good thing. You should be getting spammed like it's going out of style, otherwise there's a problem. The problem in this case was that two of my transcripts got misplaced, a mistake that is not easily cleaned up...but I am all registered now. Whew.
          And today, classes started! I'm pretty psyched, even though I got an insane amount of homework for my first day of class. Actually, I think it's an insane amount for any day of class, but I got most of it done, which is why I'm taking a break now. And doing air guitar to "Footloose." Good thing I have my own room.
          I should enroll in the College of Rock. If there is one.

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