Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Captain's Log, Day 88: DOCTOR WHO COMIC STRIPS!!!!

          My brother Nemesis draws excellent comic strips.
          I've put some of them up online before, but after our recent Doctor Who marathon, Nemesis decided to draw some more. These were very hard to post; not because they're BAD, but because every time I looked at them I fell into a laughter-induced coma. And then coughed up my spleen. Yes, I was laughing THAT HARD.
          Apologies for any quality issues; if you would like to see the picture a bit bigger, just click on it.
          Anyway, enjoy! (I take no responsibility for any injuries relating to this comic strip.)

The Doctor



"...say, it really IS weeping..."


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  1. I LOVE the last one and the one before that!