Sunday, June 26, 2011

Captain's Log, Day Six: I shalt not pose...

          Cameras are a bit of a menace.
          Seriously. The only thing cameras should be used for is TV and videotaping potential epic YouTube moments. But for crying out loud, quit pointing them at ME!!!!
          I’m sure you all know what I mean. You’re idly reading a book or building the next super-weapon of mass destruction when you feel it. Your nose itches. You start to reach up to scratch it…*click* your stupid sibling takes a picture and now you look like you’re about to pick your nose. Guess where that photo’s going to end up?
          It’s worse for me. I have never been photographed decently. Ever. I always look startled, as if I wasn’t expecting the shot, when in fact I have been preparing for it for the last eleven minutes. My unphotogenicness (which is a word as of now) doesn’t help either. The only way I would ever have a decent picture taken of me would be through much use of Photoshop. And a substitute.
          What’s seriously annoying is the rest of my family can roll out of bed and be photo-ready (with the exception of Squirrel, who would be asleep). Honestly, the worse I’ve ever seen any of them do is the standard deer-in-headlights expression; Dad is usually the culprit on that one, although Nemesis has done it on occasion. Actually…when he does that, I think it’s my fault because I usually kick him after he pokes me.  So he deserves it.
          I also have an additional handicap; I usually look like I just survived a car wreck. A lot of my creations seem to be cursed—they’ll work just fine, riiiiight up until the point when I demonstrate it to someone else, at which point they will invariably fail, often in a more-or-less deadly way towards myself. My vine swing is a perfect example. I found a vine out in the woods and swung on it for a couple hours before deciding to share this discovery with my siblings. I called them out, took a running start and *snap*. I cracked a couple ribs and my siblings cracked up.
          So what is my philosophy with regard to cameras? It’s the same as my philosophy on guns. POINT THAT THING SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!

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