Sunday, August 7, 2011

Captain's Log, Day 41: Battles, Scrabble, and a History of Weaponry

          I just got beat at Scrabble.
          It was awful. You'd think I'd have more sense than to play two budding English majors. I can claim a moral victory, though, because they bent the rules a few times. (They still would have beat me had they not, however.)
          Spelling has never been my strong point--for instance, I misspelled "spelling" just now. Thank goodness for spell check. I know you might be wondering why in the world I would even play Scrabble, but it's because I tend to have a bit of a competitive streak in me...I've accepted some of the weirdest challenges ever.
          Anyway, that's my digression on Scrabble. What I meant to write about today was the upcoming battle of good verses evil!! Much more exciting than Scrabble, right?
          Actually, this kinds falls into the line of weird challenges, except this time, I will be making it. My arch-nemesis, Dr. Lego (also known in some circles as my brother Nemesis) will face me in the ultimate battle of our century. Our weapons? Well, this is the funny part. Part of this challenge is about creativity, so we have to build them. Out of Legos. Kinda sucks, because I wanted to use my eggplant launcher, but it still has an annoying tendency to backfire, so this might be a good thing. Besides, Legos can be very destructive. I mean, look at the numerous dents on our walls...
          Actually, Nemesis and I have built numerous weapons of minimal destruction in the past. Our first construction project (if you don't count the mass of wood and nails that, with some imagination, could be construed as an airplane) was a rubber band gun. I gave the prototype to my brother and kept upgrading mine. Grasshoppers lived in fear of us--we could drill them from five feet away with ease. Eventually, I changed my medium from rubber bands to pencils. My first and only gun shot a pencil into sheet-rock and got some serious penetration. Dad was very displeased.
          The next foray was into cannons; I started with air guns, powered by my dad's air compressor. The charges were cans, rescued from the recycling bins. It worked so well, I decided to put a bunch of explosive inside and see if that would work. I was caught with the match inches from the fuse. Parents are no fun.
          Next, rockets were discovered. My treehouse saw some action that summer. Enough said.
          Now, my medium has changed once again; I modify Nerf guns. Much fun. The Army could probably use mine to stun people.
          So, how will the battle of good versus evil turn out? Well, Dr. Lego has the building skill, but I have a more...destructive...mindset, so it's kind of a toss-up as to who will win.
          Oh, and just to set the record straight, Dr. Lego is the good side. I'm the evil genius, remember?

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