Sunday, August 14, 2011

Captain's Log, Day 47: Wonder Why We Didn't Fall Off?

          I went out on the roof tonight with my siblings.
          This is usually an epically hilarious event, and tonight was no exception. Let me explain, first, why we would even do such a old room, which I used to share with Nemesis and is now Squirrel's room (which she painted PINK--she'll tell you it's "salmon" or "coral" or some such nonsense, but don't listen to her; it's freaking pink) has a gable, the windows of which open out over the porch roof. Back when we built the house, Mom and Dad made the horrible mistake of putting removable screens on all the windows. They then spent the next eight years trying to make us exit the house through the doors. In my opinion, the windows are more fun.
          Back to my story...we kids found out soon enough that if we were careful, we could open the window, remove the screen, step out onto the roof, put the screen back, and spend the next hour or so snickering as we listened to the parental unit fruitlessly trying to find us. It kinda sucks, being older; now the parents don't care as much now that we're considered older and somewhat mature. It's like taking snacks from the pantry; now that it's legal, it's not as fun. Lame.
          So tonight, we popped the screen and headed out onto the roof. Nemesis and I immediately scurried over to the pipe that rose out of the kitchen roof (it vented from the line that ran to the sewer) and began yodeling down it. When no screams arose from kitchen, Nemesis went down to see if Mom was in there. He came back to report that no, she wasn't and yes, my voice was indeed emanating from the kitchen sink.
          My two sisters then decided to perform the YMCA on the peak of the roof. I joined them, my brother content to just watch. Quill slipped at one point and ended up doing the splits on the peak. She wasn't hurt, but laughed so hard she almost rolled off the roof. I managed to sit down before I cracked up.
          We wanted to do some stargazing, but the sun wasn't quite down yet, so I scurried down the roof to wreak havoc with the TV satellite dish. Dad, fortunately or unfortunately, was not watching anything at the time, but Nemesis went inside and reported that I did, indeed, make the TV lose the signal but it was unable to pick it up fast enough for me to complete the SOS I was trying to signal out.
          After one last yodel down the kitchen sewer pipe, we were ordered inside by Mom and our night on the roof came to a close. I was sad--I never got to have the rematch spitting contest with Nemesis!!

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  1. Wow oh wow!! I am definatatly spending time at you're house!