Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Captain's Log, Day 48: The Difficult Truth

          I was playing with my blog the other day and I came across this tab that says "Stats."
          Okay, I'll be honest; that wasn't the first thing I came across. I ran into a link that said "Edit HTML," and I'd just like to say (for all you bloggers out there), don't mess with that unless you know what you're doing. Curse my OCD. After I finished with the damage control, I clicked on the Stats tab.
          Here's an interesting bit of trivia for you; this thing can keep track of how many people visited my blog, what operating system and browser they used, and what the most-read blog posts were. (I'm happy to note that the most-used operating system is Windows. Keep being awesome!) What shocked me is how many hits I've had on my blog. As of this moment, I have had 702 hits in the past two-three months. 702!!! I didn't think I was that interesting. Still don't. Maybe it's like watching a car wreck--you can't look away!
          Or maybe what I suggested a while back is true: doctors prescribe this to insomniacs.
          Whatever the reason for this burst of readership, I'm determined to not let it go to my head. (My siblings will probably help with that.) I suppose I could turn this somehow into my goal of world conquest, but I'm too tired tonight. And actually, for once I kind of have an excuse; I've been moving furniture around.
          The reason for that is simple; certain parties believe that buying more furniture (dressers, cabinets, etc) will help reduce clutter in their house, and it's my job to move the furniture they want. I don't mind the chance for exercise, but what annoys me is the mindset of the people doing the buying. Apparently, more possessions will magically make clutter disappear.
          Let me illustrate this point. I share a room with my brother Nemesis. It's a pretty small room, and we're both pretty big guys. Also, we have a lot of junk, so our room is perpetually messy. We could go through our room and throw out half our junk, and it would still be messy. We could line the walls with shelves and cabinets and it would still look like a tornado hit it. Twice. The problem isn't with the room. It's with the occupants.
          I know we can keep it clean. The week after we moved in, the room was spotless. That was before we got lazy, of course. I know that it's not the fault of our surroundings, but sometimes it's just easier to blame the room we're in, instead of ourselves. I personally don't want the responsibility!
          There's the problem, though; and here's the thought I'm going to leave with today. Nothing will change until I change. That's really how it works; whether it be in America or in my messy little room. No  new bookcases or stimulus packages are going to fix our mess or hide the fact that we're a lazy race. Why is our debt so bad? Because we buy more than we earn. Why no earning? It's because we don't want to work!!!
          And there's my little rant for the night. Next time, I promise, I'll put up a more amusing story, assuming (of course) that I'm not too tired from cleaning my room.
          Or maybe I'll put the room-cleaning off. I pack for college in a few days anyway... ;)

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