Monday, August 1, 2011

Captain's Log, Day 36: Back from Steubenville North!

          I'm back from the Steubenville North retreat!
          It was incredibly fun--got to see a lot of old friends and make a few new ones! I thought I'd share a few of my favorite speakers and conversations from the weekend....
          Over lunch...
          Sarah looks at my plate. "You got the chicken?"
          I poke it. "This is chicken? It looks like...I dunno...salmon."
          Sarah shakes her head as I try some. "Nope, I asked my friend, and she said the sign said chicken."
          I wince. "So it looks like salmon, is actually chicken and tastes like shoe leather?"
          Sarah looks at me. "How do you know?"
          I pointed at my plate. "I tried some!"
          Sarah frowns. "No, I meant how do you know what shoe leather tastes like?"
          I snicker. "Ohh, I brother threw a shoe at me once. It hit me in the mouth."

          One of the speakers, elaborating on eternity...
          "...and on the other hand, you might end up in HELL!!! Forever separated from God! And you'll be forced to listen to Justin Bieber songs for all eternity."
          Everyone laughs, except for the die-hard Bieber fans. The speaker thinks for a second.
          "I would have said Taylor Swift, but she's for Purgatory."
          All the girls yell at him. All the guys die laughing.

          One of the speakers, the woman from Franciscan University, admitted that she liked Justin Bieber (and actually sang part of "Never Say Never" as a joke). She was teased relentlessly by the other speakers. For instance, right after she gave her last speech:
          Jim: "Hold on a second, please. I'd like to inform everyone that a new scholarship has been established at Franciscan University--it's the Justin Bieber scholarship."
          John takes the microphone. "Thanks, Jim. And actually, it's the Justin Bieber scholarship for the Musically Impaired."
          Everyone laughs. John snickers. "It's just too easy sometimes. I have a daughter at home who also likes Justin Bieber. She's also 12."
          Half of the audience falls out of their chairs, laughing. John glances over at the Fran-U speaker. "Sorry. No, wait, I'm not."

          Sorry to all the Bieber fans who read this...kinda...

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