Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Captain's Log, Day 49: Randomness and Inanimate Objects

          I've gotta be more careful with what I watch before bedtime.
          Let me explain...once, I watched Star Wars Return of the Jedi and dreamed that I was in a lightsaber duel with Darth Vader all night. Then, it was Pirates of the Caribbean. That was kinda cool--I captained the Black Pearl, although I wasn't Jack Sparrow...not sure why he let me take his ship for a spin, but hey, I wasn't going to argue. Half a year ago, I discovered The Matrix. This time I had Mr Smith beating up on me all night. I scored a few hits, but my alarm clock woke me up before I figured out who won. Some nice college friends invited me to check out Inception with them. I am not making this up: I had to wake up three times the next morning. And tonight...I watched The Adjustment Bureau. Ooh boy...
          I know for a fact I've been cursed with an over-active imagination. Re-reading some of the stories I've written over the years, I can definitely see that I'm...well, lacking in writing talent and any kind of style whatsoever...but also that I came up with some pretty interesting stuff. I especially love my faster-than-light travel idea; I thought it was pretty clever, if I do say so myself.
          I know there's a lot of stuff I could just kick myself for not having thought up first. Again, just about everything by Timothy Zahn comes to mind; he's my favorite science fiction writer. I wish I could write like he does--if I could, I would change my major, but that's not going to happen.
          My current major is Mechanical Engineering, mostly because I like building and creating stuff and I'm pretty good with the physics involved. I just like creating in general, which I guess is why I write. I know my parents are very happy with my building abilities; they have a new fix-it or create-it project for me every couple hours. I don't know if I like the fixing projects; see, if I can't get it right away, I get more and more invested in the project until I'm willing to buy the parts myself just so the inanimate object doesn't beat me. ("RADAR!! Let's just call the plumber!!" "Not yet! I almost got this..." *SNAP* "Dang. Be right back, gotta run to the store.") It's worse with computers; I would sell my house to fix a computer that's been through everything and should be sent to the dumpster. Probably why I don't own a house...I really don't like losing to inanimate objects. And yes, calling Tech Support is considered defeat. Actually, while on the phone with Tech Support the one time I called them, they didn't know what to do and I fixed it while on the line for three hours, so I told them how to do it and then hung up, so it wasn't a total defeat...but still...ugh.
          And now to conclude this, may I mention how random I am? Look, I started with movies and dreams and ended up talking about computers. Wow. I'm also a geek. My apologies.
          Well, I'm going to log off this thing before my computer decides to afre rif dksjf iifdnh dsf CURSE YOU, INANIMATE OBJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**Captain's Note: I'm prepping to move back to college, so I probably won't have any more posts up until Saturday or Sunday. Hopefully by then I'll have some fresh material and a couple good moving stories--I mean stories about moving, not like emotionally moving....

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