Friday, July 15, 2011

Captain's Log, Day 25: Part One--Infiltration

          There was the harsh clicking as several guns were cocked. I adjusted my gear as best I could; I was one of the most armed in our squad. I glanced over at my teammate B, who had two six-shots readied. I nodded at the guns. "It's going to be kinda hard to cock both of those at once when we're on the run."
          B shoved one of the guns into a holster at his side. "That's why I've got these! Are you ready?"
          I nodded. "Time?"
          Another teammate, R, glanced at her watch. "One minute. What's our marching order?"
          I thought for a second. "I'll take point until we get out to the intersection, then I can take rearguard. R and A, you two girls can lead from then on, you probably have the best idea of where we can search anyway. J, you stay in the middle; we can't lose our medic. Everyone else, just go where needed and stay alert. Sound good?"
          B nodded. "Want help with rearguard? That's where the Tank typically strikes."
          I nodded. "We need three shots to take him down, right?"
          I grinned. "Don't miss. R, we ready?"
          Once receiving the confirmation, I carefully eased the door open and we entered the dimly lit building. I hefted my modified sniper rifle. It was actually composed of two guns, to allow for two shots before cocking again. I heard my squad quietly follow me down the dark hall towards the intersection. Something flashed across it and I jerked my gun up. B was a bit more trigger-happy; he fired. I winced. "Let's do the whites-of-their-eyes thing. It'll save on reloading."
          B grinned sheepishly. "Sorry, I'm a little jumpy." He ran ahead to the intersection to retrieve his shot. I opened my mouth to ask him to wait, but he made it before I could call out--
          --and out of the shadows, a figure hurled itself at him.
          I was proud of all my squad members as they joined me in immediately riddling the attacker with shots. B rolled away safely, then sprang up and drilled another guy coming in from the other side. We quickly ran down to join him at the intersection. I glanced down at the first figure. "Dang, we got lucky--this is the Tank!"
          A and R began retrieving shots and distributing them. R was the first to voice the concern that I had. "But there were only two of these guys to start with, and both of them were waiting here?"
          I swallowed. "It's possible, I suppose...if they wanted to get our squad right taking on the official Army guys, I guess."
          A pointed to the other figure. "Bad news. He's ROTC."
          J knelt down next to him. "Sorry, I can't save him. He's gone."
          "Crap." I glanced at my watch, then pumped a few more shots into both attackers on the ground. "That'll keep them down long enough for us to get out of here. Let's stick to the plan, but I'll take point once we get to the dark areas since I have the better flashlight." I gestured to the flashlight mounted on the utility rack of my gun. "B can keep up the rear guard; A, you can help him. R, join me?"
          R nodded, looking back at the ex-ROTC member. "I've got a bad feeling about this."
          I winced. "Join the club..." be continued...

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