Friday, July 22, 2011

Captain's Log, Day 32: Hankie?

          Flip a kid off of a boat once, and guess what he wants to do the rest of the afternoon?
          Well, that's my workout for the afternoon; flipping my inflatable raft around to make kids fall out. Apparently, it's "wicked fun!!!" as one slightly over-excited boy called it. Oh well, nothing like being appreciated, right?
          Babysitting is always rather funny for me, although showing them my Nerf stash was just asking to get shot. I think one of my more hilarious moments (in retrospect) was during a Tom and Jerry episode. I was sitting on the floor, and one of the small boys behind me on the couch wound up and delivered one of the biggest sneezes I've ever heard right down the back of my shirt. I've gotten less wet by jumping in the pool.
          Of course, they are boys...and "for a guy, carrying a Kleenex and wearing long sleeves is redundant," as John Branyan says. They're getting a good jump start on life, although I would argue that for a kid, carrying a Kleenex and standing near a person with a shirt is redundant. Depending on how short they are, someone's pants could work too. I've seen this.
          Actually, I'm one of the sissy guys who actually carry a hankie, but I don't think I've ever used it on my nose. It's more of a hand protector for the heated or gross (or heated and gross) material that I come across often during my job. I should just buy some stupid gloves, but I'm kind of a cheapskate and stealing Dad's handkerchiefs works pretty well for me anyway. A penny saved and all that...
          Next time I hear a deep inhalation, though, I'm gonna duck.

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