Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Captain's Log, Day 29: Part Five--It's Only Just begun...

          "Great job, Midway." B chucked me my First Aid kit.
          "Thanks." I opened it and grabbed my ankle brace. I'd dislocated a few bones in the joint, but this wasn't the first time this had happened to me and I was able to reset it with a minimum of pain and effort. "J, how'd it go?"
          J grinned. "Well, once we made the elevator, it was smooth sailing. We made it to the safe zone and unlocked the cure, then came back through and soaked everyone." He hefted a spray bottle. "Piece of cake, really."
          B mock-glared at him. "For you, maybe..."
          I rolled my eyes as the two launched into a good-natured argument, closing my kit and storing it back in the bag that held my gear. R came over and sat down on the chair next to me.
          "Do we have another mission?"
          I shrugged. "Maybe if we get all our ammo and guns back."
          A, IA and IS marched up, carrying what looked like an army's worth of weapons. I raised my eyebrows. "Did we really have that much stuff?"
          R laughed. "Most of that is yours."
          A borrowed my sword and gave the two debaters a good whack. "Hey, team meeting over here guys!"
          "What about?" B inquired.
          "We won!" A informed him. "That means we get to have an official team name!"
          "How about the Hand of Thrawn?" J suggested.
          I snorted. "If we're going to do Star Wars names, let's go with the 501st. The Hand of Thrawn was a fortress, dummy."
          "How about the Nighthawks?" B suggested, combining the current time of day with his favorite raptor in his usual practical fashion.
          "I vote for B's idea," IA agreed.
          "Yeah, we don't want to be mega-nerds like these guys," A joined in, throwing us "mega-nerds" a disdainful look.
          "All in favor?" I asked before J could start arguing with her.
          The vote was unanimous. I thought for a second. "And I nominate B as captain. We gotta have some command if we have an official name."
          "Forget it," B said quickly. "I nominate Midway."
          "Whoa now," I started, but R shot her hand in the air. "All in favor?"
          The vote was almost unanimous. I abstained. IS gave me a friendly shove on the back. "Well, I vote our new captain goes to see if we have any more missions!"
          Before I could get up, I heard one of the leaders call out the new positions. I grinned at the others. "There's your answer. Let's get going!"
          As my college buddies and I headed off to the back doors, lugging our Nerf guns, another one of the leaders called out.
          "The next Humans versus Zombies game begins in five minutes!"

                                                  Captain Radar Midway of the Nighthawks, signing off.

...the end. 

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